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Our Story

Livconsciously starts from the idea of conscious living. Imagine a feather blown by the wind, ending up wherever the wind leads it to. Some or many of us are just like this feather. We have been told what to do all our lives and lead our lives based on society’s expectations. Living a conscious life to me is about making deliberate choices based on your values and truths.

My inspiration for Livconsciously came from recognizing the key immediate issues that our earth is facing. Environment degradation is happening at a rapid pace with climate change and the poor are the most affected. Mass consumption of products adds to climate change and exploitation of vulnerable communities. People are consuming products and lifestyles which are not socially conscious and eco-friendly. Social impact brands are also competing with the bigger players on an unequal playing field and sometimes have to compromise on their causes.

Livconsciously was created to allow consumers to support social impact initiatives and aligned partners to showcase their initiatives to socially conscious consumers. I hope that we can reach out to as many people as possible, changing behaviors and ultimately amplify the social impact. By supporting our initiatives, you are making conscious choices to make the world a better place.