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What Is A Conscious Consumer?


What is a conscious consumer? In a nutshell, it is someone who looks beyond the label. They want to know more about the business from which they are buying their purchases and what impact it has environmentally and socially (Nature Hub, 2018).

Based on the Julius Baer Global Wealth & Lifestyle Report 2020, Latin American and Asian consumers are more inclined to choose products based on their sustainability credentials. This is likely driven by their first-hand experience with man-made negative impacts of economic growth (Julius Baer, 2020).

Some tips to be a conscious consumer:

  1. Start small by asking questions about yourself and lifestyle you are living eg. How wasteful are you? Do you use a lot of plastic products?
  2. Look online and research on origin and impact of the products that you want to buy
  3. Buy local and talk to business owners
  4. Raise awareness of importance of conscious shopping and living