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Supporting Plastic-free Living through Sustainable, Ethically-made Eco Products


I am inspired by SuperBee’s sustainable business model that helps the environment and the community and glad that we are working together. Antoinette Jackson, founder of SuperBee is an Australian mother who established the business in 2016. Antoinette’s love of nature is the inspiration behind her business. As a little girl, she spent most of her time in the garden or hiking in the Australian bush. From a very young age, she learned to respect nature wholeheartedly and felt it is our planetary duty to do our best to create positive change wherever possible.

Triana (T): Can you tell me more about yourself and SuperBee?

Antoinette (A): I am from Australia but have been travelling since I was 17. I love nature and I love people. SuperBee (a social enterprise) helps both the planet and its people by making eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastics while helping out marginalized communities through employment opportunities and micro-financing projects.

T : What is the inspiration behind your business?

A : My love of nature. As a little girl, I spent most of my time in the garden or hiking in the Australian bush. Nature gives us air to breathe and food to eat and water to drink. Growing up in Australia is tough and nature can be brutal. From a very young age, I learned to respect it wholeheartedly. My grandmother’s old tradition of making beeswax wrap inspired our products. Not just her, though – but all the grannies, the strong women in my life. All of our ancestors’ old traditions have been replaced by plastic and over-convenience, which has made us all lazy and disconnected from nature. Making the wax wraps and being a part of melting the wax and smelling all the natural aromas and the tree resin and the organic cloth, brought me such joy. It was then a real treat to share this with my first team members.


T : Can you share why you chose to operate your business in Chiang Mai?

A: Chiang Mai is my home. I have lived here with my hubby and two kids for ten years now. Establishing the business resulted in us being more integrated into the local Thai community and this brings me much joy. It is not always easy to assimilate in the culture here without a strong connection from somewhere. Another big plus is that the city and its surroundings are so beautiful. The mountains are lovely and the area has creative energy which has drawn in a lot of artisans and organic farmers.

T : Why and how do you work with Livconsciously?

A : We supply Livconsciously with our handmade, sustainable, ethical housewares, made with love in Northern Thailand. We love to work with Livconsciously because we share the same ethos and values. We are also grateful of how Livconsciously carefully presents our brand story and our bee-autiful eco-friendly products to socially conscious consumers. Every purchase of SuperBee products can create social impact, making the world better and helping people enjoy a more Livconsciously lifestyle.

T : What do you think of Livconsciously and its causes?

A : We love the fact that Livconsciously supports local causes that help its community and the environment. We think working with local social impact initiatives is so important. SuperBee appreciates what you do and together we can make the world a better, greener place for future generations.

T : What life mantra do you live by to keep you motivated and passionate with what you do?

A: 30 families rely and depend on the business’ success, so this keeps me motivated. If I feel overwhelmed or stuck looking at my computer I go to production and hang out with the team – they always give me good vibes and laughs and put me in a good mood. That motivates me. It is their happy faces that keep me going. I rely on them as much as they rely on me. I guess the mantra is just that – that we are all one and need to take care of each other and the world around us. The other point that keeps me motivated is my responsibility to future generations. My childrens’ future and their kids and so on. This is why social and environmental impact is so important to me – I want to show others that you can do good business, sell fair and well-made products and still be successful.


T : Any other sharings?

A: Yes! We just launched our new documentary, which we worked on with our amazing SuperBee community and is all about making the right choices. It’s not too late to save our planet. You can watch it here:


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