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Rediscovering Coffee and Sharing The Everyday Coffee Experience


Chris Mak, founder of The Maks’ Coffee was one of the first few partners that I worked with. The first time I met Chris was at The Maks’ Coffee Tasting Room. That was where I first tasted The Maks’ coffee and discovered Chris' passion for coffee, being environmentally friendly and with a focus on how to live more consciously.

Having started her career in the financial services industry in Singapore, Chris always dreamed of starting her own business. In 2018, she made a career change and that was when The Maks’ Coffee was born. After learning that good quality Arabica coffee does not leave her on edge, she rediscovered coffee and embarked on a journey to source and produce specialty coffee sustainably, using only 100% Arabica coffee.



Triana (T): Can you share more about The Maks’ Coffee?

Chris (C): Sure. The Maks’ Coffee is a specialty coffee and lifestyle company based in Singapore. We work directly with micro-lot farmers within the region to source for premium Arabica coffee beans. We strive to create the everyday coffee experience that leaves a minimal environmental footprint from farm to cup. Our coffee is freshly roasted weekly and available as coffee beans, drip coffee sachets and earth-friendly coffee capsules.

T : Tell us more about your social impact.

C: Eversince we started our journey in 2018, we have dedicated the month of November to help raise funds for Mingte Elementary School, an orphanage and school located in Northern Thailand, one of the regions we source our coffee beans from. For every item purchased in November, S$1 has been donated to their Education Fund to help support stateless, underprivileged children to further their education. Also since 2019, we have continued to support and sponsor perks to a local female-led start up called SafeSpace, a platform that provides on-demand counselling to help mentally troubled users in Asia find professional therapists in real-time.

T : What is the inspiration behind your business?

C : I am most definitely inspired by my grandfather who started the traditional coffee business in 1965. I am also inspired by my need for delicious and non-heart palpitating coffee. I wanted to find and share good coffee that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

T : Why and how do you work with Livconsciously?

C : We work with Livconsciously because we are aligned in our values. We share the values of being committed to live more consciously everyday, whether it be through coffee or lifestyle. Livconsciously currently carries our drip coffee, drip pot and reusable straw kits.


*Look out for an upcoming collaboration between Livconsciously and The Maks Coffee!


T : Any thoughts on Livconsciously and their causes?

C : I admire Livconsciously’s effort and commitment to create impactful initiatives. It also encourages myself as a business owner to continue what we do and do better.

T : Can you share any life mantra that you live by to keep yourself motivated and passionate with what you do?

C: I live with the mantra that life is an ever learning process. We must strive to grow and improve everyday.


*You can indulge in The Maks' Coffee anytime. Take a break with its Drip Coffee in light roast, medium blend, dark roast or get all three. Add on the rose gold drip pot for the perfect cup of drip coffee. Also replace your plastic straws with their chic reusable metal stainless steel straws in gold or rose gold. There is even a large straw for your bubble tea drinks! All are available at liv-consciously.com.