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Providing Mental, Physical Relief and Reducing Environmental Impact


I love anything made from natural products and can help with one’s mental and physical well-being. So when I discovered Souf Lavender Pillows, I knew I wanted to support them. The first time I spoke to Liana Ho, we shared the aim of reducing environmental impact. I loved that she uses leftover fabric and that her pillows are reusable, multifunctional and therapeutic.

Triana (T): Tell me more about yourself and your business.

Liana (L): I’m Liana and a stay home mom. I started out Souf Lavender Pillows as a hobby and a way to help relieve mental and physical stresses through natural ways. Souf lavender pillows are handmade heat and freeze pillows that can be used to provide mental and physical relief (be it muscle aches, menstrual cramps, pregnancy, postpartum, anxiety reliever). We started out with just the lavender pillows and slowly expanded our products to lavender eye masks, lavender pockets and bed pillow inserts as well as collaborations with like minded small businesses. Our aim is to provide a natural way to relieve stress, anxiety and soothe physical issues. We also wanted to reduce the environmental impact by replacing disposable heat pads to these reusable ones.

T : What is the inspiration behind your business?

L : Lavender heat and freeze pillows are nothing new. Found mainly overseas, I decided to make them since I could not find any in Singapore. I went through lots of research, trial and error to create a nice size, appropriate weight and quality fabric.

T : Can you share more on how you support the environment and self-care practices?

L: Souf supports the environment by using leftover fabric and 100% natural materials. The pillows are intended to replace disposable heat pads with reusable ones. They can last up to many years with proper care. Remaining fabric are made into lavender pockets to reduce wastage.

T : Why and how do you work with Livconsciously?

L : I like to work with like-minded businesses and Livconsciously supports our reduction of wastage through their purchase of our lavender pockets and inserts.

T : What do you think of Livconsciously and its causes?

L : I like that Livconsciously is on the same page when it comes to reducing environmental impact. It also brings together conscious businesses that are like-minded and their impacts are nicely collated on its platform.

T : What life mantra do you live by to keep yourself motivated and passionate with what you do?

L: What misses you is not meant for you and what is meant for you will never miss you.


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