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Offering Unique Experiences and Healthy Living with Therapeutic, Elegant Teas


I was fascinated by Petale Tea’s healthy benefits and pretty aesthetics. I also found out that they practice minimalist packaging design and zero waste packaging. It was heart-warming talking to Rosemary Kwa, founder of Petale Tea who has been running the brand for over 3 years. She shared how Petale Tea guarantees the best healthy, quality assured tea, and innovative experience be it for gifting, self-pampering, or even when hosting tea parties at home.

Triana (T): Can you share with us more about Petale Tea?

Rosemary (R): Sure. Petale Tea is the 2020 and 2021 winner of the best Blooming Tea Business of the Year under the CorporateLiveWire Singapore Prestige Awards. We offer over 30 varieties of hand-sewn, flowering teas that are made of organic Maofeng green tea and dried flowers. Our minimalist packaging design cuts down packaging waste and reduces its carbon footprint by 50%. Our EU certified teas are full of antioxidants and amino acids boosting the immune system, increasing the body’s ability to safeguard itself from infections and even calm mental anxiety. Petale’s therapeutic and elegant teas are widely loved, offering a unique experience to clients and loved ones alike.

T : What is the inspiration behind your business?

R : I always hope to be an inspiration and role model for the next generation women. I believe that women do not need to only be at home looking after the kids. We have the environment and platform to live for ourselves while taking care of our family obligations. We ought to move out of our comfort zones and stereotypical expectations and prove our own worth! I like my success story to inspire more women in the future.

T : Can you share more on how you support sustainability and zero waste?

R: We reuse clean used boxes and packaging materials for our orders. These packaging materials are adopted in our daily operations and support groups. Do not be surprised to receive packaging with other brand names. However, we also understand that you may be concerned over the presentation if you are ordering as gifts. We have taken care to ensure that all gifts will come in brand new or brand new looking cartons.

We encourage our customers to use stainless steel tea diffusers or washable tea bags for better health and an eco-friendly choice. Most tea bags contain micro plastic, even in paper looking ones. In order for the tea bags to seal up and keep their shape in hot liquid, a plastic polymer, namely polypropylene, must be added. Due to the plastic content, conventional tea bags cannot completely decompose. This makes them a bad option for compost material and the environment… not to mention your body.

T : Why and how do you work with Livconsciously?

R : Our 3 best sellers are on Livconsciously’s website. For customers who would like to try out these teas, the selected items are offered at a preferential price with Livconsciously. We like the idea of how Livconsciously is nurturing and educating the consumers to start and lead a sustainable lifestyle. We have a long way to go to influence our consumers about this subject. Livconsciously is doing a great job!

T : What life mantra do you live by to keep yourself motivated and passionate with what you do?

R: Give the best you can and never regret because you have done the best that you can.


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