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Just Your Cup Of Tea

Tea originated in China, where it was thought to have medicinal properties. Legend states that the very first cup of tea was drunk in 2737 BC by Chinese emperor Shennong. He was resting under a Camellia sinensis tree, boiling water to drink when dried leaves from the tree floated into the water pot. He tried the infusion and was pleased by its flavour and restorative properties.

It first became known to western civilization through Portuguese priests and China merchants in the 16th century. Drinking tea became popular in Britain in the 17th century. Today, tea remains one of the world's most widely consumed beverage. It has been estimated that tea accounts for 40% of the daily fluid intake of the British public.

Flowering tea is a treat for the eyes, nose, and palate. Consisting of tea leaves woven around a dried blossom, flowering tea is brewed in a glass teapot so everyone can enjoy watching the tea "bloom." Skilled artisans create the tea bundles, weaving and tying them into a ball. Other names for flowering tea include blooming tea, blossoming tea, display tea, and tea balls.

Benefits of drinking tea go far beyond simply feeling better when you're sick. Here are its 6 health benefits:

  1. Protects Heart Health - contains anti-inflammatory properties which minimises risk of blood clotting and heart attack.
  2. Boosts Energy - green tea contains a small amount of caffeine that can help increase energy.
  3. May Aid Weight Loss - green tea contains amino acids, signalling the body to burn stored fat.
  4. Supports Mental Health - regular tea consumption linked to lower risk of neurological disease & stress levels.
  5. May Regulate Blood Sugar - Black tea can reduce blood sugar levels after a meal.
  6. Aids Digestion - Tea also contains tannins which can reduce intestinal inflammation.

For blooming tea, it is not all about its aesthetic appeal. They are filled with catechins, amino acids, antioxidants and flavonoids. The antioxidants prevent oxidative stress and accumulation of toxins in the body. Hence, it boosts the immune system and increases the body's ability to safeguard itself from infections.

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