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Gifts for the Soul

For the past months, we’ve been sharing our stories of conscious living – both from our perspective and that of others. But living consciously isn’t just about the epiphanies we experience in life, it’s also about the conscious decisions we make when we buy, use or wear something. So we thought it would be nice to showcase some items from our website to kickstart your journey of conscious living (or that of someone you love). After all, it is the season for giving.

1. If you’re feeling tired…

Light a Livconsciously scented candle to soothe away the exhaustion. Choose between the relaxing smells of lavender bergamot and floral geranium sandalwood – the former reduces anxiety and tension (and will help you sleep) while the latter gives you mental clarity and focus (and can help restore your emotional balance). If you want to relax and destress in a spa-like environment, refreshing lemongrass will do the trick with its invigorating and zesty fragrance. Plus, it can keep bad odours and insects at bay.

These candles are environmentally-friendly. Made of natural soy wax and scented with plant-based essential oils, they give a cleaner burn and last up to 25 hours – 50 percent longer than paraffin wax.


Livconsciously candles are hand-poured and made in Singapore. Also comes in rose scent.

2. If you need an instant perk-me-up….

Dab a few drops of Livconsciously essential oil roll-on behind your ears, wrist and the sides of your neck, then inhale. The citrusy smells will energise and rejuvenate your senses, helping you to stay focused and alert. Perfect to whip out at the office whenever you need to stimulate the mind and recharge.

Livconsciously essential oil roll-ons are hand-blended and made in Singapore. Comes in three different scents - energise, rejuvenate and relax.

3. If you have no time to do laundry….

Invest in SuperBee’s Hexawash, which uses magnesium instead of detergent, to clean your clothes and remove bad odours. This means you can skip the rinse cycle, saving time spent on each laundry load. This also means that you can use less water and electricity. It’s a win all around in our books!

SuperBee’s Hexawash is fragrance-free and contains no harmful chemicals.

4. If you are a coffee connoisseur….

Brew your own robust drip coffee from The Maks’ Coffee – there is a flavour for each type of drinker. If you prefer tea over coffee, then get the light roast for a tinge of fruitiness (think cinnamon and honey too). If you need caffeine daily, get the medium blend to kick off your day (it contains notes of caramel and brown sugar). If you take your coffee strong, then get the dark roast for a raisin and milk chocolate aftertaste.

While you’re at it, get the Sttoke reusable cup as well. Its interior is lined with Greblon ceramic, which not only removes residual odours and prevents stains, but also holds the taste of the coffee better. It's ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, while its double wall insulation will keep your coffee hot for three hours. We love it!

When you buy The Maks’ Coffee products, you’ll be supporting marginalised orphans in Northern Thailand. And by buying a Sttoke cup you are helping us get to a more sustainable future.

5. If you need a Marie Kondo in your life…

Get Mori’s stylish organiser or pursebook. Arrange your cards, cords, earphones and cash in one single place – especially handy when you’re travelling or too lazy to tote a bag. The pursebook goes one up by doubling as a notebook and purse, so you can quickly jot down your thoughts and impromptu ideas while keeping your personal items (or stationery) safe.

The Mori organiser is handcrafted by mothers in the Philippines for sustainable livelihood.

6. If you want to look sustainably fashionable….

Put on jewellery from The Clay Day. Each accessory contains handcrafted ceramic beads and is embellished with gold-plated or semi-precious stones. Dress up your ears with the Daisies or Waves earrings, your wrist with the Faye bracelet or your neck with the Taria Autumn necklace. Whichever you choose, each has been designed to jazz up any outfit and bring out your best look.

The Clay Day ceramic beads are handmade by Cambodian women and mothers while the jewellery pieces are designed and assembled in Singapore.

7. If you want to go green…

Grab a reusable produce bag from SuperBee to replace the roll of plastic bags you’ll find in the produce section of supermarkets. You can also use it to store dry goods and bread at home. Or get a cute “go-to” grocery bag for daily use, like SuperBee’s reversible patchwork tote bag. Fun fact: Both types of bags can be rolled and fastened, so they won’t take up much space in your handbag!

The SuperBee bags are handsewn and made of 100% GOTs certified cotton. The reusable produce bag set comes in three sizes – small, medium and large.


In these times of Covid-19, wearing a mask is an essential part of our daily life. We recommend these reusable fabric masks with designs hand-drawn by youths with special needs. There are colourful prints for adults and children alike. Every dollar raised from your purchase will go towards nurturing disadvantaged groups and youths with special needs – a good way to stay safe, look good and help others at the same time.

Each Singapore Fashion Runway’s reusable fabric mask has an opening at the top for inserting a filter.