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Coffee and Your Personality

The type of coffee you like may reveal your personality traits. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers which assessed common personality traits (which includes introversion / extraversion, patience, perfectionism, warmth, vigilance, sensitivity, social boldness among others). Check out the coffee summary that was derived from the study, and see where you might fall:


Black coffee

You are a no-nonsense person, you take control and move ahead no matter what others are doing. You call it as you see it and you cannot be swayed. The black coffee drinker can be quiet and moody but prone to brief bursts of extroversion.

Latte (added milk/cream and sugar)

Latte drinkers are people pleasers with an overwhelming compulsion to be liked. They are generous and will go out of their way to help others. However, they can get over-extended and don't always take great care of themselves.

Frozen/blended coffee drinks

You like to try new things, are usually socially bold and trendsetters. Spontaneous and imaginative are common traits. However, you can fall for quick fixes, don’t always make healthy choices and can be reckless.

Instant coffee

These are cheerful, straight forward types, who take life as it comes and do not get too lost in detail. But they can be too laid back and put things off and may neglect basic health issues and can be poor planners.

Remember, while the findings are interesting and perhaps spot on to some degree, do not take them to heart, as some people may fall in between. Also a good learning point is that it is good to let go and get lost sometimes. It is healthy to break out of our routine at times and order your unusual cup of coffee.


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