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7 Tips To Manage Stress of Working From Home

Many of us are working from home and for some today is the start of our kids' home based learning. We may be faced with stress, anxiety and worry. In light of Mental Health Awareness month this May, I have put together tips for managing the stress. If you are struggling to cope, please approach your mental health resources. For Singapore, visit go.gov.sg/mentalwellnessresources

1. Create a routine

This can help you manage your time and focus better. Have a ritual that marks the start of the day like enjoy coffee, morning stretch. Mark the end of the work day by taking a walk, lighting a candle.

2. Create a dedicated workspace

It can help you create specific work and home boundaries. Make the space comfortable with indoor plants, room spray, and candles.

3. Reduce distractions

Consider listening to motivating music and put off notifications that are not work related.

4. Connect with friends

Set up regular time to call each other or create group chat to stay in touch.

5. Reward yourself

To stay motivated, break down tasks into smaller, manageable steps and reward yourself for completing them. Take well deserved breaks, engage in relaxation exercises.

6. Protect your sleep

Prioritise unwinding at night and practice good sleep hygiene.

7. Practice Self-Care

This can help you stay connected to yourself and better understand what you need in terms of work life balance. Practice regular exercise, yoga, take a pampering shower or bath, read a book with a candle lit-up, immerse yourself with essential oil roll-on, have your 'me' time with journaling.

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