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6 Ways to Live Consciously

Conscious living is about taking control of your life and making well-thought out decisions. It’s also about pursuing what you want in life instead of settling for the one you are given. In essence, you have to be acutely aware of your actions, intentions and purpose.

But how do you go about living consciously when your entire life has been spent in “unconsciousness”? Well, you can start by following these six tips.

1. Become Self-Aware

Spend some time figuring out what you value most in life, be it love, health, career or freedom. Know your desires and your emotional nature – how do you treat yourself and the people around you? When do you feel most alive? What gives you the best sense of achievement? Do you live your life according to the values that you have set for yourself? If not, what can you change in order to do so? These questions will help to kickstart your journey of living consciously.

In fact, you can make self-reflection a regular affair. You can either keep a journal or review the day in your head as you wind down for the night. Take stock of how far you have come and how much longer your journey has to be. After all, awareness leads to clarity and with that, intentional action.


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2. Focus, Focus, Focus

Stop being distracted and pay more attention to what’s going on around you as well as the people you are surrounded by. Do not rush things – tackle one task at a time and enjoy the process of completing that task. If you are out with family or friends, be present in the moment and live it. Look at them, listen to what they have to say, engage in a proper conversation. Chuck your mobile phone aside – you’ll have time to play with it at home. 

3. Make Each Second Count

Time is precious so spend it doing the right things with the right people. Channel your energy into planning and creating what you want in life. Keep track of how you utilise the hours in a day – maybe keep a time log. Consider this – is your time spent for personal growth or doing things that matter? Are you taking time out to think about your life and issues that concern you, or are you wasting minutes chasing unnecessary ideals? The answers may surprise you.

Bottomline is, if you know how you’re spending your time now, you can make conscious decisions to change how you spend it in the future.

4. Consider Your Impact On The World

You may not realise it but your life can make a dent on others. So it’s important for you to be conscious of how your decisions can affect someone else. Think about what you do, what you eat or how you live. How do they impact the environment, the community and even the poor, powerless people around you or in impoverished countries? Ponder on the real cost of everything that you buy. Were the items made sustainably? Are they recyclable or eco-friendly? Would buying them alleviate the suffering of another or create jobs for the disadvantaged?


Start your plastic-free life with SuperBee’s Wax Wrap Beginner Set. By using beeswax wraps, you can store your food, keeping it fresher without using harmful plastic wrap or bags. The reusable wraps can be used again and again, up to two years. SuperBee supports sustainability, fair trade and empowers female workers in rural Chiangmai.

You should even seek conscious knowledge – choose books that will feed your mind or maintain your well-being. In other words, avoid drama and gossip!

Livconsciously founder Supatriana Supaat puts it succinctly: “I start with the mantra of shopping, reading and acting consciously. I aim to be mindful of the social and environmental impact of products I purchase. I read to increase knowledge and I take action by rallying to raise funds and awareness on causes.”

5. Be Selfless

Each of us play a part in creating a caring community and a sustainable world. So give freely, be it your time, your energy or your listening ear. If you’ve always wanted to volunteer at a nearby shelter or donate part of your income to a good cause, do it. If you’ve always wanted to provide companionship to your elderly neighbour who lives alone, go for it. If you’ve been repressing your passion in animal rescue, unleash it. Don’t think twice about helping others in need - you can’t go wrong here.


Beyond Social Services is one of the charities we are raising funds for. We are inspired by their social impact of building a community where disadvantaged children and youths in Singapore can grow and feel a sense of belonging. They aim to break them free from delinquency and welfare dependency by 2025.

6. Appreciate Life More

Just be happy. Find joy in the most mundane of things. Let go of what you can’t control and any misconceptions you may have had. Stop chasing what could have been. Instead, cherish your achievements and experiences thus far. When you appreciate what you have, you will feel contented and want nothing more. In the words of author Neale Donald Walsch, “A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.”