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Handcrafting Unique Ceramic Products and Supporting Socially Disadvantaged Artisans


I was captivated by The Clay Day’s pretty, intricate and thoughtful handcrafted jewellery and homeware pieces and its social cause. I wanted to get in touch with its founder Lydia Lim, and was introduced to her through Rachel of Mori. It is heartwarming to talk to someone who identifies and believes in Livconsciously’s purpose and mission. Lydia shared with me her passion and motivation behind The Clay Day.

Coming from a low-income family and her two humbling years of missionary work in Cambodia, have deeply motivated her to think of how to better the world through business, how to empower the underprivileged Cambodians and other developing countries through purposeful and sustainable employment.

Triana (T): Tell us more about The Clay Day?

Lydia (L): The Clay Day is a jewellery and homeware brand established in 2015. We focus on handcrafting socially conscious ceramic products which are modern, thoughtful and functional. We are also a registered social enterprise under raiSE - The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise.

(T): Can you share about your social impact?

(L): We seek to partner with ethically responsible workshops and social enterprises who hire socially disadvantaged artisans and apprentices. Our current beneficiaries include single mothers, young people from orphanages, the low income and the hearing impaired in Cambodia. The artisans are provided with warm home cooked meals, education, skills training and sustainable employment in a safe working environment. Flexible working conditions are also provided for those with children. We also proactively collaborate with like-minded businesses in Singapore who give back to the underprivileged communities. As part of environmental sustainability, we package our products with FSC® certified paper materials and repurposed packaging materials we received from donations. 

(T): What is the inspiration behind your business?

(L): I am motivated to empower the underprivileged through purposeful and sustainable employment. Also, in this modern world of mass-produced goods I truly believe that there is a charm in purposefully handmade products. No two items are exactly the same when they are handcrafted, each ceramic product is individually hand-rolled, glazed and fired in kilns. Perfection lies in the differences. This process takes several days and is done with utmost care and quality control, to ensure you get a masterpiece you will be proud of wearing and using.


(T): Why and how do you work with Livconsciously?

(L): I was introduced to Livconsciously by Rachel, Mori. I admire Livconsciously’s purpose and mission which I greatly resonate closely with. I like that Triana, Livconsciously’s founder, is not only passionate about partnering with socially conscious brands but also putting in her best effort to raise awareness for each of them. I always believe in choosing collaboration over competition. When businesses can work together for the good, we can open the door to new conversations, perspectives and opportunities. We can do so much more to better the world!

(T): What life mantra do you live by to keep yourself motivated and passionate with what you do?

(L): We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.


*Be enthralled by the modern, thoughtful and functional products from The Clay Day. Check out the Nora II and Adria Mask Chains - dainty and practical mask chain to embrace the new norm. You can easily take your face mask off and let it hang like a necklace while sipping tea or having a meal. For earrings, get the Florin Earrings made of handcrafted ceramic daisies, natural flowers & foliage embedded with resin in paper bird pendant. Or the Koemi and Nara Floral Earrings (Studs) made of handcrafted ceramic beads, natural pressed flowers & foliage. Don’t forget the lovely Sora Bracelet made of ceramic beads, freshwater pearls, pink Quartz, 24k gold-plated zircon charm and findings.